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Weird...two rain outs in the last four days and I don't feel guilty about missing runs. Guess that's another reason I'm so amazed at Mark Covert's continuous days running streak. Mark is now in his 45th year of running each and every day...yes, each and every day for 44+ years. ( )
     My oldest brother Al and Mark have been friends since their college days, running together and then coaching against each other for many years after. There are so many long runs in life; jobs, friendships, hobbies, annual 'things' we do/visit/ really wasn't that long ago in the grand scheme of things that life ended pretty early for most folks. Short and hard with a brutal ending. 
     I feel lucky to be living in these times. So many things we can do, so many choices we can make. Could I have run on the rain out days? Sure, but I'm not a daily runner. Six days a week max is about all my body can handle on a regular …

My the time has flown by!

Dang, it's nearly the end of July and I have not posted in almost two months! Got busy training for Grandma's Marathon, ran ( well, ran most of it...did fade and walked a few times - ugh! ) took an easy week of training and am back at it again. Ran 3:44 in Duluth, just over 4 minutes off pace but I'm pleading humidity. It was a fantastic training season running with my wife Jeanette and our friends Bryan, Stan, Dave and Mike. Nobody hit their time at the event, but the journey there was awesome and we are all pumped to run a fall marathon. Cooooooler days!
     Also spent a couple of nights a week the past two months watching my youngest play Junior Legion baseball, it's been very enjoyable seeing him have a good season with nice kids on the team, good coaches and solid parents. The team has done well and Harrison had his best pitching outing as a player this summer, going 7 innings in a three hit shut-out. Really fun to see him do well and watch his teammates step up …