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Transition time is tricky

Planning, doing, experimenting, tweaking. We make an outline and do our best to keep on track, but we need to remember things change along the way. Our group is now just 8 weeks out from the Grandma's Marathon race, and as we whittle down our training days it has become apparent that each week we'll need to look behind and ahead to make sure we maximize our workouts.
     We are in a transition phase, moving form mileage focus to performance focus. Easy days need to be easy, days off kept in the schedule, and hard days are becoming increasingly more fun ( when you are in shape, it's nice to be able to let loose during a workout ). The next six weeks we will be making sure we are improving, but watching signs that we are not overtraining. 
     Two points to keep in mind as we dial in the last two months. 1- Just because we can doesn't mean we should! ( sure, we can run faster some days, but if we over train ugly things happen ). 2 - Let's make sure to make race …


It's been seven years since I've run one of the Trail Mix races, it was the 25k in 2005.  Before that it was the 50k in 1995, wow, that was a while ago! This weekend I'll get to enjoy the event without running, as TEIL will be one of the sponsors of this years events. We look forward to introducing our product line to the Trail Mix participants and getting feedback from them.
     Part of our goal at TEIL, as we begin to establish our brand as a line of running gear, is to provide a way to show the positive impact running has on a persons well being. TEIL is an acronym for To Excel In Life, and as runners we can all relate to how being in a training program helps our running, and our overall life. It doesn't matter if you are a 3:58 marathoner, or a 3:58 miler, running is such a fantastic life enhancement we want to do our part in sharing it with runners through our apparel, socks, accessories and running team. Yes, we are working on putting together a running tea…