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Running changes on the low horizon

It's fall, for sure. Walking out from work it was nearly dark, another week and it should be totally dark around 4:45 or so. Yucky.
     Weird that it's the same time of day as just 60 days ago and yet the mental challenge of getting out for an early or late run is so much tougher now. But as always, it's well worth it. We'll have different runs due to the weather and darkness, slower, more bundled up, more laundry to do! Yet, we continue on through the fall in preparation for a couple of very cold winter months.
     What keeps me going is the freshness of each and every day, the newness of a cold crisp morning with stars shining and creatures treading quietly through the woods where we run. It's a very different running-scape versus our warm weather months, some days the snow covered park is so strikingly beautiful if feels as if I've run to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada or the Big Sky lands of Montana.
     Although it's known as the off season…