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Just when things were going so well...

At my age, running is measured in decades, so I've got that going for me.

Setbacks that last a few weeks, or a couple of months, don't cripple a competitive season for me as it would a younger runner. Seasons are measured in years, not weeks or months. The cumulative effect of training from year to year is my friend, and I've embraced the fact that life throws curves, sliders and knuckle balls just when you're feeling the groove and crushing down-the-pipe fastballs.

It's not that things get in the way of running, there's always time for a few miles each day. My heart is comforted knowing that the ups and downs of training are as natural as the hills we encounter on our favorite trail run.

Last year was a great example. It started with a nice base that culminated with a 15k trail race in early spring. Late spring brought on tempo, speedwork and endurance runs, geared toward racing some shorter distances. My brother, Al, finally got me into a couple of track race…