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Let's try this prediction thing again.

Stravinsky: Rite of Spring
     About this time last year ( February 5th ) I was yearning for spring. I won't take credit for the extended wait, but I did post ( Winter is Half-Dead! ) that I thought we were just a few weeks away from mild running weather. Little did I know my wife Jeanette and I, along with our good friend Stan and a few hundred others would be running in sleet and snow in mid May during part of the Lake Wobegon Marathon.
     No such prediction this year. In fact I'm kind of hoping for a bit more winter weather, not Arctic, just a few more days of regular cold stuff. You see, I don't feel like I've earned my winter stripes yet.
     With the Polar Vortex keeping me in more than out this winter, it's hard to look at my calendar and see all the DNR days. No treadmill, no gym membership, it's run outside or try and get in some sit-ups and push-ups, maybe a few minutes on the bike stand. Ugh!
     It wasn't too bad at first. I have had a pre…