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3 weeks until Grandma's Marathon!

It's been an awesome training season, one that I know will be tough to beat. As our training group recovered from last fall's Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon during October and November, it was clear that Grandma's 2012 was becoming our focus. Dave, after completing his first ever marathon at MTC, was the first to sign up. I think it took him a whole two days to decide. Jeanette and I held off a bit longer, completing our official registration in early January for the June 16 race. Bryan added his name to the entry log as a back-up to his Ft. Collins, Colorado marathon sometime in March. Mike, the newest member of our long run training group, signed up in April. We have one more member of our group that has yet to register. He had not thought about running Grandma's until about four weeks ago when I made the suggestion, based upon his training over the past six months.
     He finished his first marathon last fall at MTC, our five person training group piled on the…