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New Balance Vongo Shoe Review

Shoe Review: New Balance Vongo June 25, 2016 by Brian J. Siddons

For those of us that have spent decades enjoying the passion of running, it's a blessing to have a training shoe that remains fairly constant over a period of years. Sure, tweaks happen, but a shoe that provides the basics for training and racing and is off the radar in regards to running ailments is a gold medal winner in my log book. There are plenty of non-shoe, running-related issues to worry about for those of us over 50, and shoes, while still a joy to take out on a maiden voyage, are something I prefer to keep status quo.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy trying on a few different styles at my local running shoe stores when it's time to replace a pair and the urge for a new model rises up, although I continue to slip back into a proven shoe for me...albeit a new colorway or with slight upgrades to 'this years model'. And, I love reading about the younger runners' experiments with a different shoe…