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18 Week 2018 Marathon Training Log - Brian Siddons - CELEBRATE BOSTON/ RACE FARGO

After ten years of beating myself up working toward a Boston Marathon Qualifier that would get me into the most famous marathon in the world, I was finally able to run the 122nd Annual Boston Marathon in April of 2018.

While Boston was a great accomplishment, I was hungry to reach for more of my potential. I marked the 2018 Fargo Marathon as my day to go after a faster time then the one I had hit back in 2012 for my first BQ, and subsequent missing of the final cut.

I felt a little crazy to have Fargo scheduled just five weeks after Boston, and yet I was mentally preparing for the post Boston recovery and final build-up to Fargo as if it was something I had planned. I had not.

Working with my older brother Al, as well as my running buddies Stan and Dave, I knew a tweak of my training program was in order. I was, according to the charts from McMillan Running ( McMillan Running) and Jack Daniels training ( Run Smart Project Calculator), fast enough for my goal of 3:36.30. What I was la…