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Perfect Winter Day to Run

I know winter has not officially arrived, but today was as nice a winter run as can be.
Our feet were cushioned by two inches of fresh snow that had become stable enough to keep a decent pace without fear of slipping. The sky was clearing as we ran, the sun chasing dusk to the west with pink rays of morning light bouncing off the one stretch of clouds to the north. As we made our way along the path in the wooded park, the beauty of the morning kept getting better. No wind, just the breeze of cold air as we ran. The air temp was a balmy 25', just right for a pair of tights and a couple of layers up top, only slightly bound by polyester.
     As the three of us ran we had many moments of silence. One mark of a good running group is the ability to run as if alone, absorbing the surrounds, letting your mind wander, enjoying your personal run and at the same time silently sharing the experience with others. 
     I love winter running. It's such a difference from my younger …

Chasing Autumn

It's late October, and here in Minnesota autumn continues to impress. The beauty of this years fall colors has been captured on everyones cell phone. Trees bursting with hues of red, gold and orange, showing off natures foliage fireworks display. We talk about the weather in conversation, mostly in awe, also in humbled terms after last winters record setting beat down.
     As I leave work around the five o'clock hour, I find myself smiling on the walk to my mini van. Last night it was the gentle warm breeze against my face, coupled with the clear sky overhead. I want to walk home and soak in this incredible gift of 68' degrees and save it in my memory bank for a mental withdraw come February. I think about getting up early the next morning for a run with J'net and Dave, and that we'll be in shorts and a light long sleeve shirt, maybe thin gloves, maybe not. I become anxious with visions of us running through Bunker Hills Park, headlamps on, chatting excitedly…

Let's try this prediction thing again.

Stravinsky: Rite of Spring
     About this time last year ( February 5th ) I was yearning for spring. I won't take credit for the extended wait, but I did post ( Winter is Half-Dead! ) that I thought we were just a few weeks away from mild running weather. Little did I know my wife Jeanette and I, along with our good friend Stan and a few hundred others would be running in sleet and snow in mid May during part of the Lake Wobegon Marathon.
     No such prediction this year. In fact I'm kind of hoping for a bit more winter weather, not Arctic, just a few more days of regular cold stuff. You see, I don't feel like I've earned my winter stripes yet.
     With the Polar Vortex keeping me in more than out this winter, it's hard to look at my calendar and see all the DNR days. No treadmill, no gym membership, it's run outside or try and get in some sit-ups and push-ups, maybe a few minutes on the bike stand. Ugh!
     It wasn't too bad at first. I have had a pre…