18 Week 2018 Marathon Training Log - Brian Siddons - CELEBRATE BOSTON/ RACE FARGO

After ten years of beating myself up working toward a Boston Marathon Qualifier that would get me into the most famous marathon in the world, I was finally able to run the 122nd Annual Boston Marathon in April of 2018.

While Boston was a great accomplishment, I was hungry to reach for more of my potential. I marked the 2018 Fargo Marathon as my day to go after a faster time then the one I had hit back in 2012 for my first BQ, and subsequent missing of the final cut.

I felt a little crazy to have Fargo scheduled just five weeks after Boston, and yet I was mentally preparing for the post Boston recovery and final build-up to Fargo as if it was something I had planned. I had not.

Working with my older brother Al, as well as my running buddies Stan and Dave, I knew a tweak of my training program was in order. I was, according to the charts from McMillan Running ( McMillan Running) and Jack Daniels training ( Run Smart Project Calculator), fast enough for my goal of 3:36.30. What I was la…

Turning the running dream into workout reality.


Sometimes we have to hit the RESET button on our running.

Running barefoot on grass was a mainstay back in the '60's and early '70's. My brother, Al, has told me stories about workouts when their coach had them run barefoot on grass fields. Not that their shoes were much to speak of, usually thin layers of crepe for an outsole ( no midsole to speak of ) and a thin nylon upper.

A good friend of mine, Laser, has hit a plateau with his running, so I surprised him with a short workout last Saturday. We had previously discussed getting back to ground zero with his running; shoes, training schedule, racing, nutrition, cadence, etc. We even discussed the need to rediscover the joy of running.

If it's a chore, don't do it any more. Take a break. He was on the precipice of a long break from running.

We drove to a nearby middle-school track. Classic cinder, a few weeds here and there but overall in nice shape. The bleachers were at least off the track. And the grassy infield, used for lacrosse and soccer, was in fant…

Potential - The challenge of a lifetime keeps knocking at my door.