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Running, easy as A B C...Not!

After years, even decades, of running we always have the opportunity to learn what works best for our training. The tweaks of our body are matched only by the tweaks we must make to our workouts.
     Early in our running, especially if we are young, there is a wide margin of error for overzealous training and racing. Some are lucky enough to rage through and continue on with no ills, but most of us must manage the highs and lows of good days and bad, successful seasons or not, and years of injury free running that we hold dear to our hearts because we know they are so precious.
     I've been working hard to manage my training the last four years as I trained in earnest for a BQ. I really enjoy training, especially over the past few years with our group. It's not about the racing, it's about the ability to head out for a group run or a solo adventure feeling like I am ready and able. Injuries and setbacks of the past embed themselves in my ink pen as I sketch out train…