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Sensei Sid - 5 Guidelines for Marathon Training

1.The Long Run, which is your longest run on the week, normally on a Saturday or Sunday, is, pace wise, classified as a recovery run. In and of itself, a long run of 12 miles or more should also be considered one of your three weekly effort runs due to the distance, and due to the time on your legs. Don’t overlook the fact a long run, at any pace, is affected by your workouts earlier in the week, and will have a direct effect on your runs of the following week. A long run can be the building block of a great foundation for your training, or, if not monitored with diligence, it can become the straw that will break the camels’ back. Long runs build your foundation when you train at a pace that won’t leave you feeling like you couldn’t run another step. Enjoy what you have worked up to during the week by making your long run more pleasant than painful, and leave the heavy breathing for your two other effort days.

2.Earn your training paces. You are where you are, and training at too fast of…