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Chasing Autumn

It's late October, and here in Minnesota autumn continues to impress. The beauty of this years fall colors has been captured on everyones cell phone. Trees bursting with hues of red, gold and orange, showing off natures foliage fireworks display. We talk about the weather in conversation, mostly in awe, also in humbled terms after last winters record setting beat down.
     As I leave work around the five o'clock hour, I find myself smiling on the walk to my mini van. Last night it was the gentle warm breeze against my face, coupled with the clear sky overhead. I want to walk home and soak in this incredible gift of 68' degrees and save it in my memory bank for a mental withdraw come February. I think about getting up early the next morning for a run with J'net and Dave, and that we'll be in shorts and a light long sleeve shirt, maybe thin gloves, maybe not. I become anxious with visions of us running through Bunker Hills Park, headlamps on, chatting excitedly…